Drills & Surgical Kit

The Uniti Bonesaver drills have true internal cooling and simple to use colour coded depth stoppers. The drills possess cutting edges with a large flute space that can collect bone chips when drilling at low speeds. These saved bone chips can be used to augment any peri-implant defects.
The drills are produced to very precise dimensional tolerances and geometry. The sharpness of the cutting flutes combined with the internal cooling, facilitate atraumatic cutting of precise osteototmy sites.

The Uniti surgical protocol for implant insertion is simple and intuitive. The surgical tray is clearly laid out and sequenced with all drills and stoppers colour coded.
The standard crest diameters of the Uniti system are D 3.3mm, D 3.7mm and D 4.3mm. The wide crest diameters comprise the D 5.3mm and D 6.0mm.
The kit is available in two configurations – standard crest or complete surgical set with additional corresponding wide crest drills.
All surgical kits carry depth gauges, paralleling pins, implant drivers, screwdrivers and a ratchet.