Kompress thread

Kompress Thread

The unique Kompress self tapping thread has two separate profiles synchronized to one continuous pitch of 0.9mm. This synchronization of the self tapping thread significantly reduces trauma to the bone during implant insertion.
The shallow cortical threads with a depth of 0.1mm minimally traumatize cortical bone during placement. This thread profile is ideal for load transfer and stress distribution to surrounding cortical bone.
The lower 2/3rd or cancellous component of the implant body has deeper and sharper threads of a depth of 0.35mm. The thread tips are blunted by 0.1mm thus rendering them towards a square profile without compromising the self tapping properties of the implant. In comparison to a classic "V" metric thread, the Kompress has a narrower thread profile allowing a larger surface area for bone to implant contact thus enhancing osseointegration levels.
These threads provide a much higher degree of primary stability even in poor bone quality situations and cause a gentle osteocompression of bone during implant placement. The inferior surfaces of the threads are nearly horizontal and carry most of the compressive load that the implant is subjected to during function. The scientifically developed and designed Implant drill tolerances are diameter specific to allow for atraumatic implant insertion even in dense bone quality.
The self cutting slots in the apical portion of the implant are designed to accommodate the displaced bone volume during impant insertion. This prevents bone chips being packed at the base of the osteotomy site.
The implant tip is rounded so as not to damage delicate structures like the sinus lining during placement.