Cortico-cancellous anatomic design




The Uniti implant has a unique cortico-cancellous design which is reflected both in the anatomic shape as well as the thread profile. The upper 1/3rd or the cortical component of the implant body is parallel sided with shallow threads. This provides for an ideal atraumatic placement in dense cortical bone, at the same time allowing for optimal load transfer and stress distribution to the surrounding bone. The lower 2/3rd or cancellous component of the implant has an anatomic taper and sharper, deeper threads. This facilitates predictable use of the implant both in mature bone sites as well as in extraction sockets.

The deeper more aggressive threads provide a higher degree of stability in cancellous bone and enhance peri-implant bone density by gentle osteocompression.

The anatomic shape of the Uniti implant is based on the biologic root form concept. The wide diameter neck with the tapering form is ideal for limiting the peri-implant defect size in extraction sockets sites. This design also provides for an esthetic emergence profile while tapering away from the periodontium of adjacent teeth thereby minimizing the risk to those structures.