Resorption time

Resorbable membranes promote wound healing and remain unaffected by even small dehiscences or exposures. They provide an excellent barrier and negate the need for a second stage surgery to remove them. To achieve true guided bone regeneration the membrane should not begin resorbing before at least the fourth month and completely resorb at the end of 6-7 months. The healing graft material mass needs this minimum period for true ossification being protected by the membrane from any connective tissue ingrowth.

ProGide has the longest in vivo stability or resorption time of 26-38 weeks, this accounts for sustained function during bone repair process.  The natural resorption process of ProGide is the result of the enzyme collagenase that splits the collagen molecule into fragments that are further denatured at 37 0 c to gelatine, which is taken care of and broken down by gelatinases and proteinases to oligopeptides and natural amino acids.