reg_progide_logoResorbable barrier membranes are today considered the standard of care in guided tissue and bone regeneration procedures. Resorbable barriers primarily are available as derivatives from synthetic polymers (lactide & polylactic acid) or from natural sources such as collagen. Collagen is one of the most biocompatible, documented and researched biomaterials.

Collagen is a fibre protein that has the structure of a triple helix consisting of fibres intertwined together resulting in high strength. The resulting product mirrors the functional periosteum to act as a physiological barrier. ProGide is a bi-textured, resorbable,

non friable barrier membrane engineered from highly purified type 1 collagen derived from bovine Achilles tendon.

ProGide is produced using the latest triple collagen technique to provide an optimized degree of flexibility & rigidity combined with a very predictable resorptive process. The product has a defined geometry, in vivo stability, permeability and mechanical strength for use as a barrier material and to aid in wound healing of periodontal defects, bone repair, ridge augmentation and dental implant procedures.