Particle & indications

MicroGrip Surface The Microgrip surface is an osteoconductive, high porosity surface with micropores of 1 to 5 micron. This surface is produced using a proprietary water soluble blast medium that is completely dissolved and removed during the product cleaning protocol. This ensures absolutely no embedding or remnants of processing particles or blast medium on the Implant surface, that could compromise osseointegration. This treatment significantly increases total microscopic surface area by 3-4 times offering an enhanced surface for osseointegration. The roughened surface also facilitates a higher degree of implant primary stability allowing for early or immediate loading in select indications

The surface treatment protocol has been standardized to ensure uniform surface roughness on all sections of the implant including the under surface of the threads. The transition from the roughened surface to the prosthetic table is a 1mm highly polished collar. This allows for predictable soft tissue integration by means of a hemi-desmosomal attachment and also facilitates optimal hygiene.