reg_intakt_kitStabilisation of a barrier membrane is a key factor to predictable results and success in GTR for periodontal defects as well as in GBR procedures around dental Implants.

The Intakt system is a state of the art titanium tack barrier fixation system that ensures a safe and rapidly effective method to easily secure membranes to underlying bone.

The system comprises a well designed application set offering straight and angled applicators as well as a tack dispenser.

reg_intakt_applicatorIntakt barrier fixation system set complete - includes straight and angled applicators, mallet and tack dispenser in an autoclavable box.

reg_intakt_pickupThe Intakt titanium tacks have an ultrasharp penetration point combined with a locking groove to prevent micromotion and offer stability to the membrane and graft material mass.

Intakt tacks are available in a pink/magenta colour so that they merge with underlying soft tissue without the graying of the tack showing through. Therefore in most cases removal of the tacks would not be necessary.

Intakt titanium tacks are packaged in a unique self dispensing-lift off double sterile package. Tacks can be directly lifted off by the applicator straight from the blister, without transferring to the dispenser. Unused tacks can be stored in the stainless steel dispenser and autoclaved for future use.