In-plane Switching™

The In-Plane Switching™ concept that controls crestal bone loss around dental implants is incorporated in all Myriad™ implant designs.



The implant-abutment interface diameter switch in combination with the Tri-cone™ conical connection and the external cortical implant microthreads provide the elements that ensure the most stable and predictable soft and hard tissue peri-implant interface. In-Plane Switching™ shifts the implant abutment interface and axial forces to a more central and apical position, away from the implant shoulder perimeter. This optimizes stress distribution along the body of the implant thereby stabilizing the implant abutment connection interface.

In-Plane Switching™ also provides a wider platform for bone deposition and soft tissue attachment at the bone crest. Keeping in sync with the In-Plane Switching™ concept, all the Myriad™ single piece transmucosal implants incorporate a switch area that provides a crestal bone lock.

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