Myriad-Provi™ is indicated for transitional use for temporary crown & bridge applications.


Myriad-Provi™ implants are available

in one diameter D2.5  in lengths L8mm, L9.5mm, L11mm, L13mm and L15mm.

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components – impressioning & transfers

The Myriad-Provi™ All-in-one™ pack includes a comprehensive impressioning and transfer system.

The plastic snap on transfer cap is placed on the implant head, picked up in an impression and the lab analog simply repositioned into the transfer cap to complete the indexed transfer.

components – temporisation

Also available in the All-in-one™ package is a white temporisation cap that can be used both in the laboratory to fabricate a temporary crown and also can be used intra-orally to reline a temporary crown onto it.

components – abutments

Following the impression transfer and model making the laboratory can use the blue castable coping (acrylic burnout)  for a precise and passive  fit of a cast metal crown coping.

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All Myriad™  implants are delivered in a colour coded tamper proof outer packaging.
The outer carton once opened contains patient record labels and a double sterile blister that houses the implant blister and the prosthetic section of the packaging.

The outer Myriad™ blister has a double peel off tab,
One for the implant section and the other for the prosthetic section of the blister.
The implant section can be opened and the sterile implant blister dropped onto a sterile surface for the surgeon to handle.

All-in-one pack includes:

•Implant fixture
•Impression transfer cap
•Lab analog
•Temporisation cap
•Castable coping

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