MyriadlogoEquinox Medical Technologies welcomes you to the world of "Myriad™"- the world's most technologically advanced, application specific dental implant system.

Success in Implantology is the result of a certain level of experience and competence of the dentist combined with products that are optimized to function predictably in living tissue. Features of the Myriad™ system embody the balance between technology and biology to ensure long term functional and esthetic
solutions for your patient needs.

The Myriad™ implant form is based on the Anaform™ root shaped, tapered body design which is the most proven and versatile shape for immediate and delayed implantation.

The Bioprofile™ thread featured on all Myriad™ implants is an asymmetrical surface extensive thread. Bioprofile™ essentially comprises one synchronized self tapping thread composed of three distinct thread profiles that are adapted to three different levels of bone biology.

All Myriad™ implants carry the unique Nanopore™ titanium anodic oxidation surface. This calcium oxidized nano surface results in 11% calcium deposits saturating the implant surface. Nanopore™ exhibits three dimensional interconnecting porosities which is a characteristic that mimics the structure of human cancellous bone.

The In-Plane Switching™ concept incorporated on all Myriad™ implants in combination with the Tri-cone™ conical connection and the external cortical implant microthreads provide a combination of elements that ensure the most stable and predictable soft and hard tissue peri-implant connection.

The unique All-in-one™ packaging concept of Myriad™ includes the implant fixture, cover screw, healing abutment, impression transfer, lab analog and application specific abutment, all within the same package.

The Direct-to-site™ delivery protocol ensures that all Myriad™ implants are directly lifted from the packaging with the insertion adapter to be carried to the implant site and inserted in one single action.

The host of intelligent and innovative features of the Myriad™ system promise to enrich the user experience and facilitate treatments that will bring comfort to the lives of people across a broad spectrum of society around the world.

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