About us

equinox-Logo-Header EQUINOX MEDICAL TECHNOLOGIES BV is a multifaceted company that has built on a foundation of innovative design to provide complete treatment solutions to the dental profession. The company is backed at its core by a professional research and development team that is constantly exploring opportunities to enhance the quality of oral health care. Coupled with a driven management team, the company has experienced unprecedented success in its endeavors to market its innovative products. Addressing a market that extends from oral implantology to maxillofacial surgery to restorative dentistry. Equinox is posed to redefine industry standards in oral healthcare and transform benchmarks forever.

The company is headquartered in Netherlands and is headed by dynamic individual who have extensive experience in the oral healthcare business. Market operations currently extended across Asia, Africa and the Middle East and are shortly scheduled to expand at a rapid pace.The company's professional solutions are based on well proven treatment concepts with innovative enhancement directed towards simplifying procedures or the dental procedures for the dental professional and patient alike. Combined with a price performance ratio that is unparalleled in the industry, these solutions are set to raise the bar and propel exponential future growth.


EQUINOX MEDICAL TECHNOLOGIES BV is committed to the continued enhancement of oral care worldwide. To achieve this, the company is involved in the design, development and manufacture of quality oral care products, devices and appliances. The singular focus of the Equinox mission is to rehabilitate the dentally handicapped patient and the company is constantly driven to identify solutions that will ehance their quality of life.